Album Premiere: Hyenas – “Deadweights”


Hailing from Nuremburg, Germany, Hyenas are one of the newest additions to the Pelagic Records‘ roster. They are ready to follow-up their 2014’s demo-EP (their only release so far) with their debut album, Deadweights, which is due to be released on March 10th [pre-order]. Today we have the pleasure of premiere the entire album in advance of its official release date next Friday.

Deadweights is a fucking massive album, a good representation of what a well-crafted hardcore can be with its punchy and angry riffs, a strong defined aesthetic, and always on the move and never stale. Sheer heaviness and sheer pleasure. A fuckin’ banger of an album.

Deadweights refers to unloved peculiarities that we are subconsciously aware of but are often not so easily abandoned“, vocalist Robert Sierl comments. “The album orbits around the topic of self development as a human being, whilst simultaneously criticizing abuses and misconduct caused by modern society that are increasingly rooted in the personalities of each individual.”

Their forthcoming debut LP was recorded live within just 4 days by Jan Kerscher out in the nowhere of Ghost City Recordings, surrounded by nothing but dark trees, cows and cold December skies.

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