Album Premiere: Lying Down – “De Rigueur”

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Lying Down’s debut album De Rigueur (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released today, through Hidden Bay Records. You can purchase the album here.

Lying down is a group based in Brisbane, Australia, consisting of Lachlan Airey, Conor Claffey, Siena Hart, and Alistair Taylor. The members of the band have been involved in numerous musical groups in the Brisbane scene throughout the years – Horris, Statler and Waldorf, Pious Faults, Slagroom (formally Melk), and the Mosaics to name a few.

Listen below to Lying Down’s debut release, De Rigueur.

Lying Down was born from a fractured leg – leaving Lachlan bedridden and broken for a number of months. It was in this time of forced solitude and self reflection that the original idea of the band and the foundations of some of the tracks come from. An oxycontin fuelled nightmare of loneliness, over analysis, and the looming reminder that a crash on a bike is all it takes to completely destroy all semblance of a functioning body culminated in a 7 piece band. The chaos saw members leave as quick as they entered, until the current lineup settled.

After 3 years of redrafting, rehearsing, and relentless composing, De Rigeur is the first foray into a physical release. “The release itself is ultimately an expression of what it is to be human, based on the members experience. Bouts of unsustainable anger lapse into crippling apathy. Brooding over one’s mortality rolls into goofy jubilation of good quality gravy. Cynicism is given room to roam, and starves. Perhaps it is reactionary – earnest music written in a town that blindly worships irony”.

The release was recorded and mixed with Chris Brownbill and worked to capture these sentiments – all songs were recorded live with an emphasis on the portrayal of these emotions, above all else.

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