Death Bells Announce Debut Album & Release New Single, “Roman Candles”


Australian dream-pop group Death Bells have announced the follow-up to their glitter goth debut EP. Titled Standing At The Edge Of The World, the 10-track album will explore the dark recesses of the heart and mind and it’s set to be released in North America on September 29 via Funeral Party Records (and in Australia by Burning Rose).

The band have also released the album’s first single, “Roman Candles”. “Life, like a roman candle, is expected always to reach new heights,” the band said of the track. “Hinderances cause setbacks but the strength of the human spirit will always persevere. Nothing can ever be forced, because if you pick up a firework and try to change its direction, you will lose an arm.”

Listen to the new single below:

Standing At The Edge Of The World artwork & tracklist:


1. Days
2. Alone, In An Empty Clearing
3. Roman Candles
4. Only You
5. Something Above
6. Beneath The Flesh
7. Nothing Changes
8. Coming Down
9. Bury Your Light
10. The Undertow

Photo Credit: Dakota Gordon
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