Drowse Announce New Album, Listen To First Single “Quickening”

Drowse, the nom de plume of Kyle Bates, will be returning to the public eye with a second album, Cold Air, due out March 9 via The Flenser.

Listen below to the album’s first single, “Quickening“.

“‘Quickening’ is a song about the sudden upending influence other people can have over my mental well-being,” Bates said of the song. “Someone tells me a story about death and anxiety flows through me like cold air. I instantly start ruminating over the fear that I will waste my life, that I’m living in bad faith. The song frames this struggle as a conversation.”

Cold Air artwork and tracklisting:

image21. Small Sleep
2. Quickening
3. (Body)
4. Rain Leak
5. Klonopin
6. (Bedroom)
7. Death Thought
8. Two Faces
9. Put Me to Sleep
10. Knowing
11. (Person)
12. Shower

Cold Air is due out on March 9 via The Flenser.

Photo credit: Matt Vrvilo
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