Ducking Punches Announce New LP & Share New Track “Smoking Spot”

Ducking Punches have announced the release of their much anticipated new album, Alamort, out 16 Feb 2018 on Xtra Mile Recordings.

With its title taken from an old archaic term meaning to be “half dead from exhaustion“, Alamort offers a solemn pre-text to the nerve-shattering lifestyle and back-breaking work ethic that formed the backdrop of this often brutally honest record. Dan Allen of Ducking Punches says: “‘Alamort’ seemed a fitting title for what myself and the band had been through recently. Some of these songs are frighteningly honest but it has been really therapeutic to write. Themes of the album range from crippling self doubt to death, friendship, love, witch-hunters, addiction and hope.

Given the intense circumstances and frenzied emotions that occupied the writing process, it is perhaps unsurprising that the sound of this record finds the band meddling with musically darker arts. Casting off any former folk associations, on Alamort Ducking Punches veer wildly into post-punk and hardcore territories with a resultant sound more daredevil than anything they have produced before. Alamort was tracked and mixed at Crooked Rain Studio in Leeds by Bob Cooper (Nai Harvest / Citizen / The Orielles) and further mastered at Sonic Iguana Studio by punk-rock guru Mass Giorgini (Anti-Flag / Rise Against).

The band have also shared a new track taken from the new album. With a tangible yearning to break-free rippling through the track, “Smoking Spot” has its head and heart possessed with notions of escapism. As-filmed at one of the band’s own old haunts and headspace hideaways, the accompanying music video offers an intimate reflection of the song’s lyrical themes.

Opening-up about the new single, plus the touching tribute to a close friend of the band’s hidden within the video, Allen reveals: “This is a song about a private place I have with my buddies, where we’ve made some of the brightest memories. We’d often drive out there if someone was having a bad time and take in the expansive world around us, realising how small we all are, which in turn would alleviate the pain of our problems. It’s humbling and grounding at the same time. We shot the video and let off a bunch of fireworks at one of these spaces. The fireworks that grace tons of our videos act as a tribute to my closest friend that we lost. Smoking spot is for friendship, for love and for those shared burdens on tired shoulders.

Watch/listen to “Smoking Spot” below:

Alamort‘s artwork:


Around the release of the album, the band will also be playing a series of live dates including a launch party at London’s The Lexington (16 Feb) and an un-missable hometown show at The Arts Centre in Norwich (17 Feb). Catch Ducking Punches at the following dates:

16th Feb – The Lexington, London
17th Feb – The Arts Centre, Norwich

27th April. Bolton, The Alma
28th April. Shelby. Pop Punk Pile UpFestival.

5th May 2018. D-Deutzen, Rock am Kuhteich
25th May. Hamburg, Gängeviertel festival
26th May. Braunschweig, B58

16th June – Indie festival, Bavaria
13-15th July. Mighty sounds. Cz

+ More to be added…

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