Exclusive Stream: PIGS’ New Album “Wronger”

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PIGS? “Who the hell are they?” you must be asking. Well, when Unsane bassist Dave Curran started writing songs on guitar with drummer Jim Paradise (Player’s Club, Freshkills, Hellno) the name they tossed out for their fledgling project was simple: PIGS. “We figured it was short enough that press and promoters couldn’t fuck it up.” Producer Andrew Schneider (Cave In, Converge, Made Out of Babies, Unsane, Keelhaul) was invited to fill-in on bass for a couple of shows and, much to their delight, has refused to leave.

That was the starting point for the Brooklyn-based power-trio. After it there was their debut full-length album, the 2012’s You Ruin Everything [stream/buy], and the three-song EP, the 2013’s Gaffe [stream/buy].

Two years after their last offering the trio returns with a brand new album, a new excuse for them, and you, to flounder in the mud. We’ve the pleasure do the exclusive streaming of their sophomore album, Wronger, which is due to be released on September 29th via Solar Flare Records [pre-order].

You’re probably tired of the non-stop hyperbole that are thrown around all the time by music magazines but bare with us and believe it when we say that this is a noise rock album that you have to, at least, give it a try. The true spirit of one of the most amazing music scenes is present on PIGS’ new album. It’s dirty, it’s dangerous, it’s nasty, it’s fun, and it’s a hell of a ride overall. Hit play below and thank us later.

P.S. Remember that amazing New Yorker called Julie Christmas? Yeah, former lead singer of defunct Brooklyn-based noise rock band Made Out of Babies, and the former lead singer of defunct post-metal supergroup Battle of Mice. Well, she is a guest on the album and… she is super-fucking-extra amazing as always. “Bug Boy” is the answer for your next question.

01. A Great Blight
02. The Life In Pink
03. Bet It All On Black
04. Amateur Hour In Dick City
05. Mope
06. Wrap It Up
07. Mouth Dump
08. Make Sure To Forget
09. Bug Boy (feat. vocals by Julie Christmas)
10. Wronger
11. Donnybrook

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