Insect Ark Share New Track “Sea Harps”

New York/Portland instrumental duo, Insect Ark have shared “Sea Harps” – a track taken from their upcoming album, Marrow Hymns. With the album set for release on Profound Lore Records on February 23rd, the curious pair seamlessly fuse elements of horror-film soundtracks, psychedelic doom, and atmospheric noise into something otherworldly.

Insect Ark’s Dana Schechter comments, “Sea Harps, a favorite in our live sets, is loosely based on the Greek myth of the Sirens. Broadcasting an ominous and lonely call into the night, the Sirens’ song was irresistible to all who heard it, luring sailors to an untimely and violent death.”

Listen to “Sea Harps” below:

Marrow Hymns is Insect Ark’s first release written and recorded as a duo; it is the follow up to 2015’s critically acclaimed album, Portal/Well. Insect Ark’s intensely visual music weaves interludes of fragile beauty with crushing passages of swirling doom, wordlessly painting an ominous landscape.

Residing on opposite coasts, the two halves of the Insect Ark whole – comprised of Schechter (bass, lap steel guitar, synthesizers) and Ashley Spungin (drums, synthesisers) – converged to record the album with engineer Ethan Donaldson at Mozart St Studios in Brooklyn, NY, over the course of eighteen months.

Overdubs and further writing/arrangements were done after Spungin’s return to Portland in the isolation of Schechter’s home studio. The sense of distance and vast emptiness remained intact in the songs, built out over many long nights. Marrow Hymns’ song themes of displacement, loss, and isolation are personal journals of that time period, as both members found themselves simultaneously experiencing existential crises. However, the album also tells a story of strength and determination, made from the marrow of these two women, a song for all things that struggle to survive.

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