Live Review: Marching Church + Papaya

Marching Church + Papaya // Maus Hábitos, Porto
Words by Tiago Moreira // Pictures by Andreia Alves

It’s often the case where opening acts are just a mere justification for the price that you pay to see the main act, but this time with the Portuguese power-trio Papaya it was guaranteed that the excitement would be right there. Climbing up the stairs we already could hear the noise and heavy riffage – damn you Porto and with your streets filled with cars – that was coming out of the venue. Dirty heavy rock that pumps you up with energy.

That energy would take a left turn with Marching Church, the project of Iceage’s frontman Elias Bender Rønnenfelt. Presenting their album This World Is Not Enough, they would grant us an opportunity that unfortunately the recordings deny: the chance to appreciate the incredible instrumentation that on the record is buried in the background for the most part. And that little detail made the show a delight. Even if you happen to hate Elias’ sloppy and extremely annoying vocals (like I do, admittedly) you couldn’t deny the magnificence delivered by the other band members. In a jam, relaxed, but also at times surgical approach, Marching Church painted a canvas with eclectic sounds that range from the post-punk to jazz, deserving comparisons to the geniality of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. The intensity that came often with subtle movements and dynamisms within the band provided an absurdly enjoyable experience.




Marching Church
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