Live Review: Pop. 1280

POP. 1280 // Understage - Teatro Rivoli, Porto (PT)
Words by Tiago Moreira // Photos by Andreia Alves

Once again we were part of a group of people that was extremely fortunate to witness a concert in the wonderful centennial building of Teatro do Rivoli. We were impressed how good the Understage was a venue with the concert of Teeth of the Sea and we couldn’t be surer of all its charms after watching New York-based industrial/post-punk outfit Pop. 1280.

The setting was perfect and the music and band’s performance didn’t fall short in what was an extremely pleasurable night to anyone that has a love for the industrial meets synthesizers meets post-punk that Pop. 1280 so well have crafted. Presenting their latest full-length album Paradise (Sacred Bones) and Pulse EP, the band fronted by Chris Bug was relentless, offering an overdose of energy and noise that was as contagious as pure pleasure. A truly gnarly performance and experience.


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