Live Review: The Dead XIII + Gorgeous Morgue + Dead Stiff

Words & Photos by Miguel de Melo

A Lounge scattered with glamourous horror and heavy riffs, anticipating fast-paced beats of the metal militia supporting The Dead XIII: Gorgeous Morgue and Dead Stiff.

Observing the effort of the great majority of the people in the venue, I felt slightly underdressed for the occasion as I entered the venue. Horrific costumes with a hint of Glam Rock, loads of white foundation, and Crimson Ghost like makeup. Did i just enter the Find Club?

I was late for the AL B Damned acoustic session, however reliable sources tell me it was a great opening for the night. Soon afterwards Dead Stiff took to the stage, throwing in the most punk vibe of the evening, enriched by the beautiful sound of Alexander Coe’s Gretsch. With their short set Dead Stiff managed to imprint their attitude and style with their unique sound, putting the Horror Punk firmly on the Punk(er) side of horror.
Next on stage were Gorgeous Morgue, adding more of a Manson influenced sound and a New York Dolls attitude. There was a lot of energy on a very busy stage, and the effort with the outfits was outstanding. Their short set evolved naturally, but you could feel there was a lot to come through on the PA, but it all eventually came together when “Rise Up” came up on the set list. Overall a very theatrical and enjoyable performance from these grave diggers.

Finally Dead XIII came on stage, and immediately commanded the audience to approach stage, with a great response from the crowd, which made the vibe way more vibrant compared to the other bands. The sound was impeccable, great lights, and the show was ON!

Again great stage presence, very tight sound, loads of energy and fast paced tempo coming through. A very colourful display of Horror Metal, a brilliant performance of up and coming young British talent. Most of the set was captivating, and the maturity of tracks from their latest album ‘Catacombs’ stood out, with not only Kurt Blackshard’s vocals, but with strong and very well synced guitars of Symon Strange, and Ste Mahoney.

It’s bluntly clear that this line-up deserved a larger audience than the one they got on the night, but London can sometimes be quite cruel on a Thursday night.

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Gorgeous Morgue
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