Live Review: The Quireboys + Last Great Dreamers + Souls Of Tide

The Quireboys + Last Great Dreamers + Souls Of Tide // Islington Academy, London (UK)
Words by Anastasia Psarra

Norwegian outfit Souls of Tide opened the show for the night with their feel-good rock melodies and infectious mood. There’s no denying that their music is heavily influence by bands like Rainbow, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath but these guys also bring their own fresh attitude and groove to the table. Despite their early slot, Souls of Tide hit their stride right from the start of their set and turned the stage into their own party where everyone was welcome. Well-executed guitar work, strong vocals and catchy choruses got the crowd nodding along and excited about a night of rock n’ roll.

Have you ever wondered what it’d sound like if Hanoi Rocks and Morrissey had a fling while Green Day were watching and a love child was born out of that? Then all you have to do is check out British glam, pop-rockers Last Great Dreamers. Last Great Dreamers is one of those bands that you’ll either love or hate but one thing no one could deny on the night is their unrivalled determination to put on a good show. They took to the stage with the enthusiasm of a much younger band and with their sassiness and punk-influenced glam rock won over the audience.

Sometimes taking a trip down the whiskey-soaked memory lane of English rock n’ roll proves an enjoyable experience. British rockers The Quireboys still keep the flag of bluesy hard rock flying high as they returned to London for a night of lost loves, partying and booze. The band flounced around the stage pouring their riffs and energy into the cheerful crowd turning the night into a singalong affair. Spike led the way with his raspy voice while Guy Griffin and Paul Guerin bounced off each other’s riffs.

The Quireboys appear to have become a must see band for anyone who likes their rock a bit ‘hairy’ and their on stage chemistry showed a band that is comfortable in its own skin. There are no tricks up their sleeves, and they certainly didn’t reinvent the rock n’ roll wheel but their ability to write heartfelt music they believe in and perform it in such an honest and relatable way has helped them built a loyal fanbase.

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