Nelson Can Reveal New Single & Video, “Break Down Your Walls”

Denmark’s Nelson Can have revealed a video for their new single “Break Down Your Walls“. The track is the third single from the band’s newly announced EP3, which will be released on Alcopop! Records on September 29th.

Bass player, Signe SigneSigne, explains of the song: “It’s about being anxious about being anxious. Anxiety is a beast with many faces and it can be really difficult to bridle if you don’t open up and tell people how you feel and start forgiving yourself for not being so goddamn perfect all the time.

A balancing act between the grandiose and the understated, the Fleetwood Mac-reminiscent drum groove courtesy of Maria Juntunen keeps thing rolling nicely along, as lead singer Selina Gin recalls, “We always listen to Fleetwood Mac when we’re touring. I think that might actually have inspired us for the big, powerful chorus on this track, as well as the drive and straight-forwardness of the songwriting on the latest album from Florence + The Machine.”

The music video was shot with eight analogue cameras – because more is more – and each band member had a spotlight mounted to them which were the only lights used on the set. It was made in Copenhagen by creative duo Mathias Strømfeldt and Jeppe Kjær based on a concept by Ronni Skovmand, and was shot across various locations including the Lapadarium of Kings in Copenhagen and a massive abandoned greenhouse.

It was a bit of challenge to do it in the middle of the summer, because the sun sets very late in the summer here in Scandinavia, so we couldn’t start filming until very late at night” Selina explains.

Watch/listen to “Break Down Your Walls” below:

See Nelson Can live in Denmark on the following dates:

11 AUG – HAVEN KBH, Copenhagen, DK
25 AUG – Walker Festival, Middelfart, DK
23 SEP – Nordic Delight @ EKKO, UTRCHT, NL
5 OCT – Rampelys Silkeborg, DK
6 OCT – Studenterhuset, Aalborg, DK
13 OCT – Atlas, Aarhus, DK
14 OCT – Musikhuset Posten, Odense, DK
20 OCT – Pumpehuset, Copenhagen, DK

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