Ocean Grove Drop New Single “Thunderdome (Feat. Running Touch)”


The Odd World has delivered another message from Ocean Grove today via their new single “Thunderdome [Feat. Running Touch]“. The third track from their debut album The Rhapsody Tapes sees the elusive electronica artist Running Touch step up to the microphone.

Thunderdome: track #3 from The Rhapsody Tapes is a step in a new direction for Ocean Grove, seeing as we collaborate closely with Running Touch, who features vocally throughout the song,” says bassist Dale Tanner. “The inception of Thunderdome came very early in the album timeline, and it’s sound served as a strong precursor to the rest of the songs that followed. We made a conscious effort to experiment with different sounds and genres throughout The Rhapsody Tapes, and this is a good example of the outcome.”

The band will be coming to Europe for the first time for three special shows supporting Beartooth.

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