Our Interview With Tom Ogden Of Deaf Havana


Drummer Tom Ogden of alternative rock titans Deaf Havana took time to speak to us about their sensational new album All These Countless Nights. He talks about the writing process and why the record is a lyrical standout.

All These Countless Nights is on another scale. It’s absolutely enchanting and the instrumentals are composed with great technique. How much did this album push you as musicians?
It pushed us as far as we could go. We all agreed if we were to record another album we’d make it the best we possibly could. We worked so hard on becoming better musicians and writing better songs way before we even entered the studio.

Lyrically, the record is a stand out too. Do you all pen some words or is there a prominent songwriter?
James writes all the lyrics. He’s got this incredible ability to tell people stories and make the words fit beautifully into a song.

As a band, you have elevated steadily over the years, producing marvellous music that rubs against the heart valves and sparks reason. And now, you’re definite contenders for arena stardom. How as a collective do you handle fame?
I’m not sure. I don’t think anyone in this band joined it to become famous, in fact, no one in this band wants to be famous. We just want to write music that we love and connect with people.

“Fever” is a monumental track, snappy and punchy with a sensational chorus. However, all the songs on All These Countless Nights could be brought out as a single. How hard is it to choose singles?
It’s very hard. If I had it my way I’d release them all haha. I think the way we do it is to give people a good feel of what the album is about, and try to give a good variation of songs.

The production of the new record is sublime. Who helped produce the album?
Adam Noble produced it. He’s the best producer I’ve worked with, and one of the best around at the moment.

The previous albums are all great pieces of music. But, the new record is something of a revelation, sparked by truth and inner turmoil. What incited the inspiration to create an opus so monumental and flawless? Was it due to personal affliction or just a brilliant wave of creativity?
Everything we’ve done up to this point has been personal, and I think it always will be. I think that’s what makes Deaf Havana what it is. I think having a break between albums helped massively with the songwriting. More than half of the stories on the album happened during that break. It was a dark time to be honest, but it’s helped create song great songs.

Your live sets are truly blistering and something to behold. Are you planning to do a world tour with the new collection of songs?
Yeah definitely. We just want to take this album to as many different countries as possible.

You’ve just signed to a new label (So Recordings). Has the new venture sprung a new lease of life for the band?
So are great. They’re the best label. It feels more like a family at the moment, and everyone has their own roll. Ours is to write and perform our songs, and theirs is to work the album from their end. Honestly, one of the best decisions we’ve made as a band.

What was the idea behind All These Countless Nights?
We just wanted to come back with the most honest and truthful album we’ve every written. It look a while to get there, but I think we’ve achieved that.

As a band, you have certainly struck gold with the new album. It plays like a dream, it has been built to create an atmosphere. But, was it something you had to get off your chest? Did you feel you had to make this record for yourself as well as the fans?
Yes definitely, it feels good to let people know what we’ve been going through as a band, and as individuals. For me personally, I had to make sure I performed better than I have before, and got more involved with the writing and recording. Writing and recording this record was the best experience we’ve had as a band so far.

Words by Mark McConville // All These Countless Nights is out now on So Recordings.
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