Pale Honey Share Video For New Single “Get These Things Out Of My Head”


Gothenburg-based band Pale HoneyTuva Lodmark and Nelly Daltrey – have shared a video for their new single “Get These Things Out Of My Head“, which is taken from their second full-length album, Devotion, out October 13th via Bolero Recordings.

The single manifests our way of tackling hardships and troubling times; sometimes you write a song to deal with something rough and sometimes it’s a way of explaining something hard to talk about,” says Tuva Lodmark to Dork. “It went under the working name of ‘Heavy’ – a good start to tackle what would become a song centered around OCD. We love the drive in the song that makes a perfect base for the desperate shrill of Tuva’s singing and hope that someone out there will enjoy it too and find comfort or support by it.

Watch the new video below:

Written and recorded together with producer Anders Lagerfors at the legendary Nacksving Studios in Gothenburg, Devotion offers a snapshot into the changing shape of Pale Honey. They say the number one motivation was to stay curious about music and try new things; “We didn’t record our debut album knowing what we were doing – we were new to our instruments at that time, and so writing for Devotion was a bit like that. We’ve recorded ideas on instruments we don’t usually play.

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