Premiere: Flour Flour – The Killing Of An Egg (Lyric Video)


Flour Flour is made up of lifelong friends Brian Baughn (guitar/vocals) and Phil Wright (drums/synth). Today we have the pleasure to premiere “The Killing of an Egg“, the duo’s debut single.

Singer Brian Baughn about the meaning and purpose behind the song:

The Killing of an Egg is a song about cracking out of your shell, whether you’re ready for it or not. Named after a Danish cartoon that used to play on 1990s Nickelodeon, it’s a love song of sorts, written for my fiancée when we first met. With a dose of self conscious humor and a few references to other songs it summons the anxiety of being on the threshold of something big– even if that thing turns out to be great.

The lyric video for the song is an attempt to capture the innocence and excitement of a new relationship. Shapes of bright yellow and pink obscure the view of a carpet littered with toys borrowed from my friend’s baby son, while lyrics pop in and out reminding you of the anxious questions that arise even at the dawn of real love.”

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