Premiere: Koqa Beatbox’s “I’m Not” Video

Koqa Beatbox

Koqa Beatbox is a band of beatboxing, drums and trumpet, mixing hip-hop, electro and dubstep. Initiated by Arthur Henry, swiss beatboxer touring in clubs since 2010 with a show made of sampled beatbox galvanized by rap, is joined in 2013 by Félix Fivaz (drums) and Paul Butscher (trumpet). One year later the group built up a new musical and visual show called ‘Cyclic Oscillation’. Mixing beatbox, instrumental music, and hypnotizing visuals. And that’s what we will be bringing to you today with the premiere of new song and video “I’m Not” – taken from the band’s forthcoming debut full-length album Nor Will Ever Be, which will be out on September 30th via Hummus Records [pre-order].

The Camille de Pietro-directed video starts with a foggy night, and shots that could be taken from the film noirs, and progresses towards a kind of ceremony that rides in the back of a beautifully emotional, gut-wrenching, and extremely poignant flugelhorn. The words coming out of Arthur’s mouth talk about love, disappointments, life and the death that breaks the sacred bond. Check the song and video below.

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