Premiere: SIBIIR’s New Single “Bekmörke”


SIBIIR is a cold, dark and barren five-piece from Oslo, Norway. With inspiration drawn from black metal as well as hardcore, the band is focused on punishing rhythms, heavy riffs, dark melodies and screaming vocals.

Since SIBIIR first saw light in 2013, they have been hard at work honing their sound. 2015 saw the release of a 7″ titled Swallow & Trap Them! / These Rats We Deny. The time has now come for SIBIIR´s self-titled debut album, which will be out on Fysisk Format in October. To celebrate the announcement we have teamed up with SIBIIR to do the premiere of the album’s first single. “Bekmörke” (which means Pitch Black) is sonically deranged in its mix of punk, rock, and metal. Rhythmically energizing and revitalizing, “Bekmörke” is also an authentic parade of riffs that combines a memorable nature with an overall bleak and piercing approach. Listen to yet another horrifically pleasant surprise coming out of Norway below.

The song is about waking up in the morning barely remembering anything from the night before. Feeling the cold sweat and the anxiety creeping up on you as you’re trying to puzzle the missing pieces from yesterday together. Everything is pitch black. But then repeating the whole thing yet again, because you never learn. Strictly speaking, it’s about the whole typical Norwegian “hero in the nighttime, hero in the morning” problem.” – explains the band.

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