Premiere: Sofy Major’s New Song & Music Video, “We See Fire”

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Sofy Major + PIGS European Tour Announced

From the post-industrial wilderness of Clermont-Ferrand, France’s violently addictive hardcore soaked noise rock outfit Sofy Major, who have completed their third full-length album, entitled Waste, which will see the light of the day on October 30th via Solar Flare Records [pre-order].

Almost a month ago they unveiled the first taste off of the upcoming new record with the title-track “Waste“. Today we have the pleasure of not only bring you a brand new track, but also a awesome (trust us on this) music video.

The video is a simply brilliant collage of different footage that show, among many things, the violence captured by the TV cameras (you’ve probably seen many of these clips on Youtube); the president of US, Back Obama, on Helen dancing and joking around; Hitler himself dancing with sick happiness on his face; and brilliant subtitles displayed like, “Dear comrades, the capitalist pigs have returned, in the form of a subversive music, beware Sofy Major. Their music is an entire joke and should be treated as seditious,” and the hilarious guy screaming “Yes, I’m happy!!! I’m happy because my ears got obliterated and that’s what I expected,” which funnily enough describe the entire sonic experience of Sofy Major’s “We See Fire”.

The French noise-rock band saw fire in a video where a lot of powerful people saw fucking red. Just hit play below and enjoy what’s probably the best video of this week.

Sofy Major will also embark on an European with their label mates PIGS, which have just released their brand new album, Wronger. Full list of dates below.

15.10.15 : London (uk) @ Power Lunches
16.10.15 : Paris (fr) @ Le Picolo
17.10.15 : Liège (be) @ La Zone
18.10.15 : Vesoul (fr) @ Café Français
21.10.15 : Koln (de) @ Sonic Ballroom
22.10.15 : Lille (fr) @ La Péniche
23.10.15 : Rotterdam (nl) @ Poppodium Baroeg
24.10.15 : Bruxelles (be) @ Magasin 4
25.10.15 : L’Usine – Geneva (ch)
26.10.15 : Prague (cz) @ Exit Us
27.10.15 : Wien (at) @ Fluc
28.10.15 : Bologna (it) @ Freakout Club
29.10.15 : Roma (it) @ Init
30.10.15 : Savona (it) @ Raindogs House
31.10.15 : Milano (it) @ Lo Fi w/ Mutoid Man
03.11.15 : Nantes (fr) @ La Scène Michelet
04.11.15 : Montpellier (fr) @ Black Sheep
05.11.15 : Lyon (fr) @ Grrrd Zero
06.11.15 : Marvejols (fr) @ La Giraffe Ronde
07.11.15 : Bergerac (fr) @ Gare Mondiale
09.11.15 : Clermont-Ferrand (fr) @ La Coopérative de Mai
10.11.15 : Bordeaux (fr) @ Iboat
11.11.15 : Toulouse (fr) @ Pavillons Sauvages
12.11.15 : Poitiers (fr) @ Grand Café
13.11.15 : Rouen (fr) @ Kalif

Sofy Major Cover

1. Waste
2. Wee See Fire
3. Turning Point
4. Slow Everywhere
5. Infinite Pill Case
6. Black And Table
7. Iron Butt
8. Devotion Man
9. As Happy As (Les Thugs cover)

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