Premiere: Stream Elephant Tree’s Massive Debut Album In Full

Originally hailing from the north of England, guitar player and vocalist Jack Townley and close friend and adversary Sam Hart came together through a mutual love of all things heavy in 2013. After countless jam sessions and a joint decision to stay in London, the duo set out to clear a sizeable path in pursuit of their own interpretation of metal, rock and progressively heavy psychedelia. Later joined by bassist Peter Holland (Trippy Wicked, Stubb) and Canadian sitar player Riley MacIntyre, having only performed their first gig as a quartet in April 2014 you’d be forgiven for thinking that Elephant Tree are something of an unheard/untested prospect for 2016. However, less than two years on from that first official outing they’re back with another killer effort.

Retiring to Paul Epworth’s Church Studios in Crouch End with Riley McIntyre stepping back from the stage and heading up production, joined by assistant engineer Adam Durbridge in late 2015, the fruits of their brand new album Elephant Tree are harvested from a tireless year of live shows, both here in the UK and across Europe. Mixed by renowned engineer Matt Wiggins (U2, The Pop Group, Foster The People) the album was completed less than a week later.

From their Woods of Ypres funeral doom esque to psychedelic stoner voyage of Dead Meadow, Elephant Tree self-titled debut album is a massive and intense well-structure ride, something intended to be experienced as a whole. Dynamic and diverse, full of heavy and hyptonic riffs, a challenging and quite good journey. Press play and let yourself go into the Elephant Tree’s sonic world.

Mars Red Sky and Elephant Tree are going take by storm the UK in May, where a UK Tour will take place in support of both bands new releases. Be ready for Praise For The The Burning Soul Uk Tour. The tour is scheduled for five dates throughout the UK in the following cities:

12/05 – Exchange and The Stag and Hounds, Bristol (Six Band Event)
13/05 – The Phoenix, Coventry
14/05 – Birthdays Dalston, London (support TBC)
15/05 – Rebellion Manchester, Manchester (NOIZ All-Dayer)
16/05 – Audio Glasgow, Glasgow

Elephant Tree s/t effort arrives on April 22 via Magnetic Eye Records.

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