Song Premiere: Emil Amos – “Morbid Funeral”

Emil Amos – drummer of OM, Grails, Lilacs & Champagne, and singer and guitarist of Holy Sons – will release Filmmusik on June 6th via Pelagic Records, the first album he has ever issued under his own name.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere “Morbid Funeral“, a dense and moody track that gets glorious pretty fast.

About the project Emil Amos said:

This is the entire cache of instrumental tracks I’ve built up since we originally formed Lilacs & Champagne 5 years ago. “Midnight Feature” and “Know Yr Arrested” were the first two songs I made for L&C.  Grails has barely ever had any unreleased B-sides available, but making ‘Chalice Hymnal’ was such a long process that I had 3 more songs that couldn’t fit onto that record.  They were recorded when I’d just moved to NYC and there was a massive ice storm that winter.  I slid my car into a curb and stayed with engineer Al Carlson for a few days at Mexican Summer’s studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn {where ‘Morbid Funeral’ & ‘Chase Scene’ were recorded}.  ‘Dead Cop Drama’ was a holdover from our Portland era, recorded with our favorite engineer from Burning off Impurities all the way to Deep Politics, Jeff Stuart Saltzman.  The idea of releasing a FILMMUSIK LP was stolen from the keyboardist of Can, Irwin Schmidt, who had a virtually unknown series of records under the same name.  Its a pretentious concept for sure, until you eventually have a body of music lying around that actually stands up strong in that mold. And this is basically years of work that fell under the same umbrella of a specifically insidious mood… one that mirrors a kind of inner, paranoid, sonic solipsism.”

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