Song Premiere: J & The Rest – “4 am Again”


London-based soul driven R’n’B pop outfit J & The Rest are getting ready to release their debut EP, 4am Again, and today we have the joy to bring you their brand new song. The title track from their forthcoming EP has slick electro-R’n’B grooves.The good vibes that you can instantly feel throughout your entire body with the addictive grooves, the positive energy, and them beautiful melodies. Get ready, because the sun will shine no matter what… Oh, and there’s some Prince in it. We let the band explain:

4am Again was a lightening strike moment and the skeleton of the song only really came together from start to finish in about an hour and a half at the end of a whole day studio session where we were all struggling for inspiration. After listening to Prince during a break, we came back and decided to start on a much faster tempo, and after we nailed down the core 3 chords of the song, the rest just fell into place. So we definitely have Prince to thank for the inspiration for this one! Feel good, Mischievous vibes intended

Long live Prince. Long live GOOD MUSIC.

Just because we want you to be aware:

J & The Rest is the result of a series of happy musical coincidences. Frontman Jamal was raised in a musical family, but had never fully considered a career as a vocalist. While he studied music tech at Leeds Met, he left the course feeling that the path was not what he expected. However, his friend invited in to the studio one day to jam, where he met their uni mates John and Louis. The three clicked musically, with their friend from the live circuit Ricky joining them on drums, J & The Rest were born.”

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