Song + Video Premiere: Frankly Benjamin – “Moving Backwards”

A few months ago, earlier this year, we were contacted by this seven-piece indie rock band based out of Brooklyn called Frankly Benjamin, which at the time they were getting ready to release their debut EP, To Be Frank. We were honored to premiere back the “beautifully, energetic, and extremely enthralling piece” that’s “Old Friend“.

Six months after the “Old Friend” premiere we’re once again graced with the opportunity to premiere a brand new song from Frankly Benjamin. This time a new single with a music video – one of five singles that the band recorded post their debut EP. “Moving Backwards” is as exciting as you’d expected listening to the band’s previous output, even being sonically different. It just goes to show how talented this seven-piece actually is. What’s even more exciting is to hear how awesome they sound in a song that was actually written by the entire group. There’s definitely a feeling that it’s just a tip of a huge iceberg since “Moving Backwards” presents a myriad of distinct details.

There’s four more songs coming in the upcoming weeks but after all we’ve heard… we need a proper full-length album ASAP.

The band said the following about the track and video:

Our newest single and music video “Moving Backwards” demonstrates a departure from our debut EP To Be Frank and signals a more collaborative, ensemble focus for the band. There’s seven of us, and we all have really disparate influences and strengths, so it’s been incredibly fun to see how that all fits together. This song represents one of our earlier experiments in writing something as a group, rather than just one or two band members bringing in a fully fleshed out idea. We’ve found that in doing so, our songs find a more cohesive sound, a groove that rocks a bit harder than before, and we end up having more fun in rehearsal, on stage, and as a band. The DIY nature of the video (which was filmed on an iPhone using the Boomerang app at a birthday party for Greg) also reflects this shift towards collaboration and ensemble, and we hope it brings to life and to the screen an immediacy that’s always there when we take the stage.”

Frankly Benjamin will be playing tomorrow, September 23rd, a big show at Arlene’s Grocery in New York. The show is scheduled to start at 7pm. Don’t miss the chance of catching these guys live and buy your ticket here.

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