The 7 Best Videos Of The Week

Milk Teeth – Swear Jar (Again) (Directed by Megan Thompson)

Milk Teeth have released a new video for the track “Swear Jar (Again)”, taken from their debut album Vile Child, which was released earlier this year.

Dreamy, cinematic, gloomy and a bit moody, Milk Teeth’s new video is all that.

White Lung – Below (Directed by Richard Bates Jr.)

With just a week to go before the release of their forthcoming album, Paradise, out on Domino on May 6th, White Lung has unveiled the video for single “Below“.

This is my Stevie-Nicks-meets-Celine Dion ballad,” said lead singer Mish Barber-Way. “I needed to try to do a ballad about glamorous women. It’s based on a quote by Camille Paglia, ‘Beauty fades. Beauty is transient. That is why we value it,’ she said. ‘Feminism’s failure to acknowledge that beauty is a value in itself, that even if a woman manages to achieve it for a particular moment, she has contributed something to the culture.’ It’s a song about the preservation of glamour and beauty.

Director Richard Bates Jr. said of the video, “White Lung play for an audience of impersonators who come to the realization that they’ve betrayed themselves in the pursuit of fame. ‘Below’ is a love-letter to influential female artists from the past. Our video serves to reinforce the notion that what makes an artist special cannot be manufactured.

Anna Meredith – Something Helpful (Directed by Jonny Sanders)

“Something Helpful” is an animated wonder, a super cute and simplistic colourful video for Anna Meredith‘s brand new single. Directed by Teleman’s Jonny Sanders, it’s an adaptation of “characters from the ‘Netherlandish Proverbs’ and ‘children’s games’ paintings by a Dutch painter called Bruegel.

The song is taken from Anna Meredith’s amazing debut album, Varmints, out now via Moshi Moshi Records.

Braids – Companion (Directed by Kevan Funk)

Braids announce Companion EP with a beautiful music video directed by Kevan Funk. Companion is the band’s latest 19 minute EP, written during the Deep In The Iris sessions, and completed during a burst of creative energy in August 2015.

“Companion” video brings together a graceful presentation, where Raphaelle Standell’s emotionally and haunting voice is once again exploring the edges of her unique voice, another breathtaking journey into Braids’ dreamy soundscape.

School Dance – Field (Directed by Mai Frederiksen & Tobias Valentin)

Sometimes we came across tracks that really blew our mind off, this time around it was School Dance’s amazing video that really pushes the right buttons. Romance is a beautiful thing, from the close bond with a woman and a man lying around in bed, enjoying each other, and then it transitions to the woman suffocating the man with a pillow out of nowhere. Emotionally heavy and with the visuals to match, School Dance is a name that you should keep in mind…

The band’s self-titled debut is coming soon, and they’re heading on tour with Memory Tapes in a few days.

Dowsing – Red Legs Kicking (Directed by Kenna Hynes)

Dowsing have share a new video for their single “Red Legs Kicking“, which is taken from their new self-titled album, out now via Asian Man Records in the US and Dog Knights Productions in the UK and Europe.

The video, directed by Kenna Hynes, shows the band haunting and terrorizing a deserted high school, and it’s so cool. The band’s new record is the follow up to their sophomore album, I Don’t Even Care Anymore, and the first with their new lineup.

SLØTFACE – Sponge State (Edited by Lasse Lokøy)

SLØTFACE have unveiled a new video for “Sponge State“, which is taken from the band’s forthcoming Sponge State EP, out May 27 via Propeller Recordings.

The track itself is a reaction to the “apathy and lack of action that is symptomatic of our generation,” explains vocalist Haley Shea. “It is about the fact that making the world a better place isn’t about sharing a post or tweeting… real change comes about by doing things and being an active participant.

More than 80 people were arrested during the three-week protest – from February 1st 2016 – with the young activists fined in excess of $100,000 USD and targeted in a Nordic Mining lawsuit to the tune of $250,000. Charges were thankfully dropped earlier this month. SLØTFACE live to tell the tale with a slap on the wrist and collective ban from the Nordic Mining site.

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