The 7 Best Videos Of The Week

John Grant – Voodoo Doll (Directed by The Diamond Brothers)

John Grant has unveiled over this week a video to new single “Voodoo Doll”, the album’s most exotic, funkiest and freakist track.

Directed by The Diamond Brothers, an identical twin directing team known for the Danko Jones Trilogy, Melt Yourself Down and numerous other music videos and commercials, the video sees John tending to a woollen doll in the hope of revitalising his depressed friend before transforming into a Voodoo doctor and indulging his latent love of make-up. Weird and strangely addictive, well nothing new, it’s John Grant.

Of the video the Diamond Brothers say: “We’ve been long time fans of John Grant since Queen of Denmark and leapt at the chance to collaborate on a music video for him. The rich visual imagery in his lyrics gave us so much to work with to create a lush world for his music to inhabit.

Yeasayer – Silly Me (Directed by Mike Anderson/New Media Ltd)

Yeasayer have shared their new video for “Silly Me”, the band’s current single taken from their recently released fourth studio album, Amen & Goodbye.

Directed by Mike Anderson / New Media Ltd, the odd and fascinating video is the prequel to “I Am Chemistry”. Anderson explains, “We use a pretty unique approach, pretty much everything in every frame is handmade and hand-painted. We then 3D scan all of it, bringing it into the computer so it’s entirely recreated digitally. We record motion-capture of performers and apply the data to the characters for the animation. The lighting is all done in the computer. So while the final product is ostensibly CGI, nearly everything you’re seeing is a digital record of something we directed or fabricated in real-life. Best of all worlds.

Hinds – Easy (Directed by John Strong)

Spanish quartet Hinds have unveiled their brand new video for the song “Easy”, taken from their debut full-length album Leave Me Alone. Directed by John Strong, they showcase another, darker, more emotional side to their music.

‘Easy’ is the worst moment in the universe during a relationship cause you love him but he doesn’t care anymore. And being in bed with him is giving him nightmares. And you are the hangover in his mornings, and the homework during the day and the pain in his arse. So when you reach that point you can’t help but self-destruct. There is just nothing you can do, it’s too late to take it easy”.

Thin Lips – I Wonder (Directed by Adam Peditto)

Thin Lips have released their new music video for “I Wonder”, track taken from their debut album Riff Hard, out now via Lame-O Records.

In the video for “I Wonder,” directed by Adam Peditto, Thin Lips get their identity stolen by a group of college kids and end up going back to school. The video features members of Cayetana and Radiator Hospital.

Pixx – Baboo (Directed by James Slater)

Pixx has released over this week a mesmerizing new single, “Baboo”, the first music to come from the alter ego of Hannah Rodgers since last year’s debut EP Fall In.

“Baboo” is a paean to Hannah’s best friend, Alice, who she says “has shown me so much about the world and whose friendship I cherish more than anything else.” That close bond can be seen in the accompanying video, directed by James Slater, capturing Pixx and her Baboo in a dream-like world of their own.

Turnstile – Addicted (Directed by Elliot Bech)

Hardcore innovators Turnstile have release over this week a new video for “Addicted”, track taken from their awesome debut album Nonstop Feeling.

Congrats to Elliot Bech for doing hand-drawn animation and making it look amazing, one of the best videos of this year, that’s for sure.

This new video precedes a European tour that kicks off on 17th June in Belgium, going on to visit Germany, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Capsize – XX (Sew My Eyes) (Directed by Daniel Wand & Aaron Marsh)

Post-hardcore quartet Capsize will release their new album, A Reintroduction: The Essence Of All That Surrounds Me, via Rude Records on 22nd July 2016. In the meantime, the Southern Californians have also unveiled the lead single “XX (I Sew My Eyes)” and it’s a jarring and intense visual experience.

The song is about the idea of wanting to move on from a moment, person or cycle in life, but feeling like your actions that leave you unexplainably content in discomfort make up who you are, and battling that in your head,” reveals vocalist Daniel Wand. “It isn’t about one certain thing, just the fear that you can’t change fast enough in your own eyes.

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