Video Premiere: The Buzzards Of Fuzz – “I Came Back… (For My Hubcap)”

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of The Buzzards of Fuzz music video for their new single “I Came Back… (For My Hubcap)” – filmed by Alex Dyer of Red Planet Films.

The band comment on the song & video: “East Atlanta Village is where our hearts are, we love our scene! We love the people, the venues, the bands. The people here are very accepting of each other – if you’re a metalhead or a hipster or an emcee, in our town it doesn’t matter. I grew up in a rural area where ‘long hairs’ weren’t exactly welcome. Some of the kindest people can look tough or weird but someone’s appearance shouldn’t inspire fear and we thought we’d incorporate that into our video.”

Watch below The Buzzards Of Fuzz’s new video for “I Came Back… (For My Hubcap)”, a track thrillingly executed, with heavy riffs and full of catchy hooks.

We were originally called ‘Uncle Van & The Buzzards of Fuzz’. We were going to change the band name every six months because we thought it was funny. Once we started gaining some success we realized our name was cruel and unusual punishment for those who must maintain marquees or design flyers. We decided to change to just ‘The Buzzards of Fuzz’. The inclusion of the old logo and name in the video on the kick and the hubcap is our way of saying goodbye to that joke.

This song was recorded by Matthew Washburn (Mastodon, Spore Lord) at Ledbelly Sound. It was written very spontaneously. We initially intended to use another track but it was too long to fit on a 7-inch and we didn’t want to alter the arrangement so we quickly penned ‘Hubcap’ to take its place. I think the need for a specific length of song really made us work for a creative solution. We had a blast! The ‘marching’ at the end of the track is actually the four of us stomping and dropping backpacks on the floor next to a microphone layered. I think we pulled it off.

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