Video Premiere: The Universe By Ear – “Slam Your Head Against The Wall (Carefully)”


We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of The Universe By Ear’s new music video for their ace song “Slam Your Head Against The Wall (Carefully)” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s self-titled debut album, which is available now through Czar Of Revelations.

You can purchase The Universe By Ear’s self-titled debut album physically Czar Of Revelations shop, as well as download/stream through iTunes and stream on Spotify.

Watch the video for “Slam Your Head Against The Wall (Carefully)” below.

And on a more production-wise note: So why these pictures to those sounds? Their answers are below and they are very detailed…

Cars racing:The main riff of the song has that repetitive and driving (shallwe say: driven?) quality. The octave-slide all over the fretboard is mirrored in the gear-shifting of the cars. like a short grasp for breath before you race on.

Cars crashing:We’ve chosen controlled crashes only, as in crash-tests. Those outbursts in an otherwise very reliable setting are quite similar to our songwriting, where the main frame is always given, but certain parts are deliberously kept open for (group-)improvisation. Usually that is where the real fun starts.

Rocketts taking off:At certain parts in the song, the dirty riff is exchanged for a more open sound, the road leads into space. Per aspera ad astra. We really like to play with those contrasts in our compositions. And we love delaypedals.

Dangerous looking aliens:Hey, why not? To many ears, that is what we sound like, I guess.

Nasa-control-rooms:Sometimes we feel like those guys, our computers are our pdalboards full of effects. We hope to steer the spaceship in the right direction. And some times that actually works the way we planed.”

Psychedelic colours:Music needs more colours and more contrasts and more trippy stuff. So there you go. You’re welcome.

Overall retro-look:We actually detest the modern ultra-clean and hyper-compressed sound of many of todays rock-records. We love albums that still breathe, where there’s dynamics and you can hear (yes, there are mistakes!) the human beings interacting with each other and not with a clicktrack in an isolated booth. Retro is the way to go – unless of course, you do it so consistently that it becomes a restriction again.

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