Video Premiere: Twin Seas – “Surf Wave”


We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Twin Seas’ music video for their brand new single “Surf Wave”, a track taken from the band’s upcoming self-titled debut album (out on September 23rd).

Inspired by 80s new wave, 60s psychedelia, and of course, their own Latin roots, Twin Seas explores that elements and combines it with the sound of California surf pop. Their sound is fresh and charming, it really adds to a unique experience, that can be listened to on the way to the beach or a sunny day in your room. Simple is good.

Check out the music video that will make you fall in love with Los Angeles again and again…

The band said about their new single: “‘Surf Wave’ is one of the first songs that we created when starting the group so it definitely shaped the sound in which we were going to follow. The song is meaningful because it was something so fresh and there were no strings attached to it in the sense of choosing a sound and sticking to it. Plus it also has our good friend, Gabriel Villa from the band, Chicano Batman, as a guest drummer.”

Twin Seas completed their self-titled record earlier this year at their home studio at La Mina, in the neighborhood of City Terrace. For this debut, they recruited the help of vocalist Chrisol and the rhythmn section from Chicano Batman who are both featured on the record.

About crafting their overall sound they say: “The area that we currently reside in is City Terrace in East Los Angeles at a place called La Mina. It’s a location where many musicians live especially musicians with Latin influences. Bands like Santa Cecilia, Chicano Batman, Viento Callejaro, many, many bands with many Latin influences have stepped foot there.”

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