Watch Hanne Hukkelberg’s Stunning New Video For “Embroidery”

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Hanne Hukkelberg has shared a stunning video for recent single “Embroidery“. The song is taken from her new album, Trust, out on October 20th via Propeller Recordings. The video plays with size and perspective, investigating the idea of digital stitching, a reference to the song name.

Speaking on the new video, directors Anna Karlsson and Alam Ali said: “The video was shot on our summer vacation in Gotland, Sweden – filming various locations during a time period of two weeks. The cityscape shots were filmed in Oslo, Norway. Shots of Hanne Hukkelberg and Emilie Nicolas were filmed on Emilie’s rooftop in Oslo, where normal access is not allowed. (Both standing on a pipe to get higher ground.) We were looking for visual shots that could be stitched together seamlessly and worked when playing with perspectives. Playing with size and perspective was our main style and idea, with some color variations. The idea behind the video stemmed from the title of the song ‘Embroidery’. There are 22 clips in the music video. Each clip consists of 2-5 videos to make 1 video image. We spent some time in post to correct and stitch footage together. After a total of 37 different clips, we ended up with 22 clips in the final video.

“Embroidery” was written for revered Norwegian singer/songwriter Emilie Nicolas, who also features on the track, after Hukkelberg noticed similarities in their person and process. “It’s about us, and our friendship; about how difficult it is to hold on to this profession and to be strong and patient in your music, and your work, and your life”, she explains.

I found myself lying on the wooden floor, under my table, writing the lyrics and melody to this song. I was fascinated by the squeaky sounds in the floor – which you can hear in the final recording – and the bell-ish sound is from the big iron stairs in the apartment we were staying at in Berlin. The vocal sample at the beginning of the song is taken from ‘My Devils’ – a track on my last album, ‘Featherbrain’ (2012) – and you can also hear my grandmother’s old piano in the recording.

Watch the new video below:

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