Watch The Homeless Gospel Choir’s New Lyric Video For “Everyone”


The Homeless Gospel Choir have released a lyric video for “Everyone,” a new track off of their new album The Homeless Gospel Choir Presents: Normal, out on August 18th via A-F Records.

“Everyone,” the new song from Derek Zanetti (aka The Homeless Gospel Choir), manages to flow seamlessly between biting condemnations on police brutality and tongue in cheek lines like “If you want to damn the man, someone’s gotta be the man,” creating a piece of political satire both entertaining and fiercely relevant.

It takes all kinds to make up the world we live in. Cops, billionaires, democrats, punks, squares, all of it. It would be silly to pretend we are all the same, and all on the same page. Even with our great differences, the idea that there’s only enough for some, and others have to starve to death, is just plain stupid. We ARE all different in many ways, but that doesn’t mean people should be treated as less valuable. That is, of course, unless you’re a cop.” – Derek said.

Watch/listen to “Everyone” below:

Derek Zanetti also known as The Homeless Gospel Choir, is a protest singer, author and artist based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Through his on-stage humor and vulnerability, Derek creates an atmosphere of inclusion and community. He engages with the audience in a way that allows them to know that they’re not alone. The Homeless Gospel Choir Presents: Normal is a concept record, loosely based on Zanetti telling life stories via short acts throughout the album.” The album was described by Frank Turner as “a generationally defining album for the underground punk scene.” He also said, “In half an hour, Derek reminded me of what punks supposed to be.” The Homeless Gospel Choir Presents: Normal features guest vocals from both Frank Turner and Frank Iero.

Photo Credit: Rob Larson
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