Watch Zola Jesus’ New Music Video, “Nail”

How am I supposed to survive?
If I don’t know what’s wrong and what’s right
How am I supposed to know freedom?
If I don’t know, I’m living inside
Cause you’ve got the nail to my all
My only chance to know what is what
Cause you’ve got the nail to my all
An object i can’t even control
Set me free
Pull the nail out with your teeth
Set me free
Don’t leave me wasted

Anyone that had the fortune of catching Zola Jesus’ latest album, Taiga (Mute, 2014), know that those lines are some of the most powerful and emotional in that eleven-track album that is nothing but sublime. It hits so fuckin’ hard that sometimes is simply unbearable. Well, we have good news! One of the best songs off of Taiga is receiving the ultimate treatment with a video that actually adds even more depth to the song. Watch for yourself the official music video for the song “Nail“.

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