Wolves In The Throne Room To Release New Album in September

Wolves in the Throne Room return on September 22nd with Thrice Woven, a brand new album on their own label Artemisia Records.

With guest performances from Anna von Hausswolff, Turkish harpist Zeynep Oyko and Steven Von Till (Neurosis), it’s fair to say that Wolves In Throne Room are aiming for big things with Thrice Woven. Get excited!

Watch a teaser video of the new album below.

When the band returned to the road in summer 2016 long-time touring guitar player Kody Keyworth was welcomed as a full member of Wolves in the Throne Room. On Thrice Woven, Kody contributes raven’s screams and some of the most brutal and dark riffs. The live line-up also features Peregrine Somerville (Sadhaka) playing 3rd guitar and Brittany McConnell (Wolvserpent) on keyboards and percussion.

80ww_coverLPhdThrice Woven, Track list:
1. Born from the Serpent’s Eye
2. The Old Ones Are With Us
3. Angrboda
4. Mother Owl, Father Ocean
5. Fires Roar in the Palace of the Moon

Thrice Woven to be available on September 22nd via band’s own Artemisia Records.

Photo credit: Peter Beste
Album artwork by: Denis Forkas
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