2016 – The Year In Review With Morgan Enos Of Other Houses And Hollow Sunshine

We’ve asked bands/artists to share with us their highs and lows of 2016 and what they hope the New Year will bring to them. Here’s the year in review with Morgan Enos of Other Houses and Hollow Sunshine.

On a scale of 1-10, how was 2016 been for you?

Have you learned any life lessons this year?
We are all capable of pushing ourselves incredibly, weirdly far. You have to try everything. Also, nobody is actually famous.

What was the highlight of 2016 for you?
A weird joke I made online changed my life forever. I met my person, we formed a band, and I live in beautiful New York City now. Aside from music, I work for a wonderful PR firm called Five Roses Press with my friend Julien Fernandez.

Any low points for you?
Well, a psychopathic teenager-equivalent is now set to lead the free world. Facts have become weirdly meaningless to the public. Maybe I’m alone in this, but I think a President should be some sort of moral figure to other countries, to our youth, to everyone. This is the opposite. However, it’s been amazing to witness the fiery, wholehearted revolt against what’s happening to our country.

Best albums of the 2016?
I’m obsessed with David Crosby’s new album, Lighthouse. It’s slept on. Writers keep comparing it to his 1971 debut album, If I Could Only Remember My Name, but it doesn’t really sound like that album at all. It’s deeply wise, dreamy, and only a 75-year-old who’s made a lifetime of mistakes could have made it. It makes me want to buy a sailboat and forget everything.

Worst albums of the 2016?
Where do I begin?

Any new year’s resolution for 2017?
I promise to write songs forever. I’ve got an ace or two up my sleeve.

Hollow Sunshine‘s Bible Sea EP is out now via Iron Pier // Other HousesZero Sum Defeater EP is out now, stream it below

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