Kate Davis announces new album ‘Fish Bowl’ & shares new track “Monster Mash”

Kate Davis has announced the release of her second album, Fish Bowl, which will be out on March 24th via her new label home of ANTI- Records.

Across Fish Bowl‘s 12 deeply personal tracks Davis traces her very own hero’s journey, from the moment she steps away from her old life to the moment she finds inner peace. She follows these steps through the eyes of Fish Bowl‘s central character, FiBo, who starts out on opening track “Monster Mash” realizing the community she cultivated has turned on her and starts to seek real change.

‘Monster Mash’ was one of the first songs that was written for the record,” Davis explains. “This is the moment where the character is abandoned by everything that she knew. And there’s this feeling of isolation in living your life up to a point where you’re like, ‘This is what I’ve chosen.’ But when you transition into a different phase of life, it’s easy to feel like a monster, to feel like you’re harmful to people, or that people are fearful of you.

Listen to “Monster Mash” and watch the video for it below:

Fish Bowl artwork & tracklist:

1. Monster Mash
2. Call Home
3. Fructify
4. Consequences
5. People Are Doing
6. Ride or Die
7. yoyo
8. Long Long Long
9. dd
10. Saw You Staring
11. Fish Bowl
12. Reckoning

Photo credit: Maciek Jasik
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