4 Film Sequels We Would Like to See

Sometimes it is wise to leave a movie as is and without a sequel. Case in point are the Nutty Professor II: The Klumps and Speed 2, both of which couldn’t capture the magic of their predecessors. But other times a film is so good that fans clamor for a follow-up. Such is the case for the following four films:

Reservoir Dogs 2

We are big fans of Tarantino and how he pushes the boundaries of cinema and would love to see him return to his first film. Reservoir Dogs (1992) has achieved cult classic status with film critic Tom Shone now calling it a feat of storytelling. Reservoir Dogs could technically already have a sequel, with John Travolta’s character from Pulp Fiction being the brother of Michael Madsen’s character from Reservoir Dogs. Despite most of the characters dying in the film, Tarantino has always been cryptic about Mr. Pink’s fate (he is presumed killed off screen). A sequel could address this and potentially show the backstories of the main characters in their younger days.

Rounders 2

Rounders (1998), starring Matt Damon, Edward Norton, and John Malkovich, has become one of the most popular cult films of modern times. Damon, Norton, and Malkovich all deliver winning performances that helped the film present an in-depth and realistic look at the world of high-stakes poker. Such was the huge following of the film that The Decider hailed it as the most influential gaming film ever. It is high praise, but definitely warranted, as Rounders helped usher in the poker boom of the early 2000s.

In short, the movie got people talking about poker and “evolved into a slick ‘how to guide'” for an emerging demographic of players. Matt Damon has commented on the possibility of a sequel to the cult film, and suggested that it would have to cover the online version of the game. If Rounders was the fuse of the poker boom, then the internet was the dynamite that opened up the once hidden world to the public. The new film would have to cover how it is no longer a specialist game with more and more players getting introduced to and learning the game through online sources, including social media. PPPoker’s Instagram feed provides advice on different hands that new users can use to improve their skillset and learn tactics. With all this information now available, audience members won’t need Matt Damon’s character to explain what a bluff is. A sequel would be very interesting as the writers of the film will have to consider the modern poker scene where the audience knows as much, if not more, than the characters do.

Eastern Promises 2

Eastern Promises (2007) is the classic case of a film getting critical acclaim, but turning out to be a commercial flop. But that shouldn’t take away from the fact that this David Cronenberg mafia film is a great piece of cinema. Cronenberg teased a sequel in early 2009, though it never pushed through. Rumors of a sequel kept swirling up until 2013, when Focus Features CEO James Schamus officially shuttered any possibility of a follow up. Even so there’s still time for Schamus to reconsider, as Eastern Promises is screaming for a sequel.

The Room

The Room (2003) brought us the iconic line, “You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!” and is also considered one of the best worst films ever made. This Tommy Wiseau-helmed film has gotten quite a cult following with many fans calling for a sequel. This following has grown, too, thanks to 2017’s The Disaster Artist, a biographical comedy about The Room. Too bad said film had a rather definitive ending, as Tommy, the lead character, dies. Then again anything is possible with sequels, especially with Wiseau directing.

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