A playlist curated by JG Thirlwell

We’ve been posting a bunch of playlists bands and artists as our time in self-isolation is still going on, for this curated playlist we’ve invited the legendary NYC based musician JG Thirlwell (Foetus, Manorexia, Xordox).

JG Thirlwell and composer Simon Steensland have released last month a new collaborative album titled Oscillospira, out now on Ipecac Recordings.

Inspired by the shelter-in-place for the global pandemic, I created a New York-centric playlist. I have lived in NYC for 37 years. New York has been uncharacteristically quiet and still as of late, and has had a high infection and mortality rate. Our governor Andrew Cuomo has bandied around the phrase New York Tough a lot. I wanted to create a playlist of some of the many inspiring New York artists that I admire, whose visions will endure, and whose transcendent art helps me through.” – JG Thirlwell

Photo credit: Marylene Mey
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