A playlist curated by Love Object

Russian duo Love Object were introduced to the world on Italians Do It Better‘s After Dark 3 compilation with their single “Holodnoe Solnce”. They have recently announced their debut album New Flesh and it will be released on December 3rd.

Love Object is about mind and control. Legend goes that mysterious character Danya Mu came to Russia by way of East Asia to conduct an experiment and transform a chosen girl, Dasha Utchka. After years DJ’ing nightclubs together in Moscow, both Dasha and Danya felt the need to express themselves in a new artistic way, which led to the creation of Love Object.

The band have teamed up with us for a brand new curated playlist. “This is a mixed playlist of songs and tracks with a special twist that we were inspired by lately. Slightly different vibes are there to make you feel happy and sad (and all other emotions included).

Listen to Love Object’s curated playlist below:

Photo credit: Gabrielle Cote
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