A playlist curated by Markus Floats

We’re asking musicians what music they’re currently listening to, and today we are more than pleased to share a curated playlist from Markus Floats.

Third Album is the Constellation debut (out on May 1st) from Montréal-based multi-disciplinary artist and musician/composer Markus Lake, an active force in the city’s DIY music community who’s been releasing synthetic audio works under the Markus Floats moniker over the past decade.

Lately I’ve been dipping my toes back into the kind of minimalism that has always appealed to me in a deep body kind of way. There’s something about taking a very small idea/sound/pattern/gesture and making an honest effort to explore and understand what it is at its core as well as everything it’s capable of, that I find extremely satisfying. This is a playlist that’s about 5 hours long but you could spend a lifetime combing through all the minutiae.” – Markus Floats

Third Album is out on May 1st via Constellation Records, you can pre-order the album here.

Photo credit: Stacy Lee
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