A playlist curated by T. Gowdy

We’re asking musicians what music they’re currently listening to, and this one comes from T. Gowdy. The Montréal-based producer and sound artist will release his Constellation debut Therapy With Colour on May 8th.

I wanted to try and explore the emotional map of the quarantine experience from a selection of (mostly electronic) new and old releases. The departure point to this journey is a feeling of confusion and muted chaos and it leads into an impulsive desire to serve the habit of being productive. For me, the addiction to movement and getting things done has really been a focal point to the quarantine experience. It can be a bit existential. But at the end of that tunnel there is a kind of re-birth. A renaissance for the enjoyment of doing nothing, finding “Lost Realms” and the vital need for human connection.” – T. Gowdy

Photo credit: Stacy Lee
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