A playlist curated by Ultraflex (Farao & Special-K)

Ultraflex, made up of Norway’s Farao & Iceland’s Special-K, have released their debut album Visions of Ultraflex today. With that in mind we challenged them to create a playlist for us. Enjoy!

The title of playlist is “Lotion” and here’s the duo comment about it:

You’ve just stepped out of the shower, your hair is wrapped up in a towel, you’ve lit candles, poured yourself a glass of red wine, put on a facemask and press play on your favourite playlist. As the first notes satisfyingly hit, you slowly start smearing expensive lotion on your whole body. A sensual act, touching and rubbing your own skin – foreplay for one. For further visualisation of this mood you can check out our video ‘Never Forget My Baby’, directed by and starring the one and only Jóhanna Rakel.”

The playlist starts with some classic seductive 70’s italian film music – the groovy bass making it almost porny, evolves into slow hip hop, then a bit more edgy hip hop, takes a turn towards ‘sing along into your hairbrush’ lo-fi art pop and ends with a key ingredient for sexy vibes, namely some softly spoken french. Enjoy!

Photo credit: Celine Paradis
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