Album Premiere: Lesser Glow – “Ruined”

Today we’ve the pleasure to bring you the advance full stream of Lesser Glow‘s refreshing debut album, Ruined, scheduled to be released this Friday via Pelagic Records.

Ruined is the debut full-length from Boston’s Lesser Glow, featuring within its ranks members of Black Elm, Irepress, and The Proselyte. Strong, bold and crushingly dynamic, Ruined is an explosive cocktail of doom, hardcore, post-rock and noise, that totally stands out as a refreshing and unapologetic brutal take on the genre.

Stream below Lesser Glow’s debut album in full.

The band stated the following regarding their debut album: “With ‘Ruined’ we set out to simply make heavy music. There was no meditated preconception of genre or specific end goal, but more a true amalgamation of influence and focused frustration that shaped the sound. Thematically, “Ruined” comments on humanity’s perpetual ability for self destruction, both in solitude and in numbers. Willingly ignorant, we are doomed to repeat ourselves through cyclical consumerism.”

Ruined arrives this Friday via Pelagic Records, pre-orders are available in here.

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