All Dogs – Kicking Every Day

all dogs kicking every day cover

All Dogs - Kicking Every Day (Salinas Records) 2015


The last few years have brought us an huge amount of that classic 90’s indie rock esque, the clichés of nostalgia are here to stay, especially if you lived that golden era of 90’s alternative indie rock sound. Now think about Sleater-Kinney, Sonic Youth raw sound, and blend that with new acts like Bully, Hop Along and Speedy Ortiz, you can picture what All Dogs might sound like. Right? Are you excited? You have reasons for it, especially because All Dogs fuzzed sound is huge, full of mind-blowing songs and awesome lyrics. All Dogs’ singer Maryn Jones kicks ass, her lyrics along with her unique way of singing brings a fresh approach into this whole train of DIY punkish-indie-rock female fronted band revival of the 90’s. Kicking Every Day is an emotional journey, kicks ass and it’s a cathartic experience all the way through.

Words by Fausto Casais
FOR FANS OF: Bully, Cat Power, Speedy Ortiz
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