American Football – American Football


American Football - American Football (Polyvinyl/Wichita) 2016


17 years have passed since the pioneering Illinois emo band American Football released their debut album. It was such a long time ago and it’s interesting to see how the only album they released has become a classic. When they announced their comeback, it was such a thrill. How could we imagine that American Football would actually return? Besides the overwhelming excitement of their return and live shows, it was announced the sophomore album, entitled simply as American Football. It’s an amazing and exciting record, with a much more mature and focused band that knew exactly what they wanted to achieve at this moment of their lives, but their essence as the band we knew years ago is totally there, they’re just a bit older. The melodies are right on point with well-crafted guitar parts and the lyrics are much more introspective. Well, it’s still weird for them to have such a huge and loyal fan base, but for us it’s really amazing to have them back and with such compelling album. Let’s keep it that way.

Words by Andreia Alves
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