Bad Breeding – Exiled One

Bad Breeding - Exiled One (Little Indian Records)

With bands such as Systemik Viølence set to bringing danger (and spit) back to punk, while declaring war on the so-called scene, DIY punk (is there any other kind?) seems to be in pretty good shape these days. Were we to name a young and angry narrator to tell the story of the embarrassing shitstorm humanity has come to be, Bad Breeding would be strong candidates for the role.

Exiled, their third full-length, shows us the band going full power on its insane blend of free-noise punk, proving this is as fertile ground as any other when it comes experimentation and ambitious creative expression. Pyromaniac and urgent, the band has its blood-red eyes set on the savage circus of greed, egoism and general fuckedupness of the present. For this is no ordinary band screaming the same old shallow clichés, they know this time the decay doesn’t lie in grayish post-industrial towns gone ghostly. In fact, our towns have never looked prettier. In the midst of all the chaos and noise going on in here, the words feel very, very true and will certainly resonate with anyone struggling to make a decent living in these sick times of the “Animal Laborans”. We’re a sick and exhausted society where at the end of the day most people are just preparing meal containers in between sleep and another shift, too tired to focus their eyes and minds on something rather than the pathetic little glowing rectangles attached to their hands.

We’ve been dumbed down; we loved it. Now we pay the price.

Words: Ricardo Almeida
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