Billy Talent – Afraid Of Heights


Billy Talent - Afraid Of Heights (The End Records) 2016


Billy Talent have become pioneers of the rock genre since their inception in 1993. And they’ve gone onto create some of the most politically engaging records that have hit hard with honesty. Leading man Benjamin Kowalewicz has installed his remarkable and distinctive vocals as well as his cut throat songwriting on every release, and by channelling his inner demons, he’s perfected his muse. Now, in 2016, the band are back with another record that features more songs that reflect the world we live and bask in. Afraid Of Heights is the fresh new album that pinpoints the chronic disenchantment that many feel. Songs such as “Ghost Ship Of Cannibal Rats” and “Time Bomb Ticking Away” are stupendously infectious with well-constructed riffs and hardened messages of bleakness.

Words by Mark McConville
For Fans Of: Alexisonfiire, Muse, Anti-Flag
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