Blink-182 – California


Blink-182 - California (BMG) 2016


When pop punk band Blink-182 come to mind, you will think about the glory days, the days where bratty, 3 chord music was applauded. Now we’re in a different place, the world of music has altered. Yes, there are countless bands that try to emulate the success of the best, and usually that falls dead. But Blink-182 have kept the music flowing well, even with a few flawed moments. And also, we can’t forget the resignation of founding member Tom Delonge. He has been replaced by Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba, which is a credible decision. With the band going through the motions, they have delivered California, a record bursting with Skiba’s arresting melodies and lyrics, and bassist’s Mark Hoppus’s heartfelt lines, they both shine on songs like “Teenage Satellites” and “Home Is Such A Lonely Place”.

Words by Mark McConville
For Fans Of: Alkalike Trio, Green Day, The Descendents
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