Brockhampton – iridescence

Brockhampton – iridescence (RCA) 2018


All things considered, the hip hop boy band Brockhampton are probably one of the most accomplished new acts in music, across the board. It’s the sort of thing that is achieved when a band is successful in the task of releasing three albums in the same year, and at the same time is able to deliver high quality content.

So, what about the follow-up to the Saturation trilogy and their major label debut, iridescence? It’s a sort of continuation of their weird mix. Yes, Brockhampton are still in the forefront in terms of their ability to mix bangers with moments of pure introspection… in fact they are getting better at it. Maybe that’s exactly the best way to describe what iridescence is as an album and what does it mean in terms of discography for Brockhampton. It’s all about the growth, and in those terms it’s another winning moment for the band.

It’s mind-blowing seeing how much they’ve learned and how that translates. iridescence doesn’t seem like an album created after a $15 million record contract.

Words: Tiago Moreira
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