Buñuel release “For The Cops” video

Buñuel have shared the video for Killers Like Us album track “For The Cops“. An animated video mastered by Dimitris Armenakis, “For The Cops” is a reeling, nightmarish depiction of vocalist Eugene S. Robinson‘s stint in a jail cell.

Speaking of the song, vocalist Eugene S. Robinson says, “…life and its meandering crossroads saw me getting arrested for a charge of which, to quote Nick Cave, I was almost nearly wholly innocent. Apparently telling cops that your name is Abraham Lincoln IS a crime in America. False Information to a Police Officer. But that’s not was going on that day in the cell. That day in the cell I imagined I was being set up to be raped by being given clothes with no zippers that worked to keep them on. I also thought I’d be able to keep my own clothes. Which is where and when they found the knife I had not managed to tell them I had. If you’ve never been approached by men with nightsticks who are intent on beating you into compliance while you’ve been naked in a jail cell, you have not lived.”

Going to jail, even for a single day, is to be weighed, in balance, for calculation that reveals the true essence of collective powers: extreme violence. So what was learned from being in jail, for even a single day? Extreme violence. Well that and a desire to stay out of jail. The video carries our intention well enough I believe. Without having to be there yourself. In regards to the video it really helped to have a genius like Armenakis both soften the story by animating it and in some/lots of ways make it more nightmarish. If that was even possible.”

Watch the video for “For The Cops” below:

Buñuel released their third album, Killers Like Us in February, via Profound Lore and La Tempesta International, and are now pleased to announce EU dates for the autumn.


13/10 – AmpliFest, Porto (PT)
14/10 – Bronson, Ravenna (IT)
15/10 – Spazzio 211, Torino (IT)
16/10 – Legend, Milano (IT)
17/10 – Cane, Genova (IT)
18/10 – La Cave 12, Geneve (CH)
19/10 – L’International, Paris (FR)
20/10 – Belvedere, Namur (BE)
21/10 – Soul Crusher, Nijmegen (NL)

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