Candy sign to Relapse Records & share two-track 7″ ‘Super-Stare’ EP

Candy have announce that they are now part of the Relapse Records family and along with that announcement shared two-track 7″ Super-Stare EP.

The band comments: ““Super-Stare” is agoraphobia rather than claustrophobia. The ultimate trip; the song is a journey into a testing ground in which each living thing tries every day not to be eaten. As it unravels, the listener grows oppressed by the great weight of the music around them and gradually loses confidence in orderly civilization.”

Listen below to Candy’ Super-Stare EP.

Candy start a Fall US tour next week with Knocked Loose on October 1 through November 10. The band then will support Ghostmane for 5 dates from November 12 through 17.

Photo credit: Angela Owens
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