Cloud Nothings – Life Without Sound


Cloud Nothings - Life Without Sound (Wichita Recordings) 2017


Reason might tell you to believe in what already exists instead of having confidence or faith of what can possibly exist. The first feels safer but the latter is undeniably more exciting. Just take a good and deep look at Cloud Nothings. The Cleveland, Ohio quartet started off with a mildly pleasing lo-fi pop, worked with Steve Albini on Attack on Memory to inject some rock grit power, crafted an extremely pleasing and addictive rock album with Here and Nowhere Else, and have now marvelously carved what’s arguably their first truly great album.

Life Without Sound is an album that stubbornly and continuously provides little pearls with its big chorus and hooks, the massive riffs, the gentle and also agitating rhythmic section, or even with the extremely cunning moves used to create shimmering transitions and gorgeous dynamics.

There’s much to be said about an album where you manage to be super excited with at any time, even when you’ve been listening to it for the last three hours.

Words by Tiago Moreira
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